Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: July 12, 2021

1 The Foreign Films All The Love You Give/Katie and the Crystal Hearts
2 Samehada Shiriko & Dynamite Chan Han
3 Kid Gulliver I Started A Joke
4 Lee Harrington Lynda Mandolyn Real Love
5 Peyton Gilliland Not Bothered
6 The Checkered Hearts Joystick
7 Murv Douglas Sarah Toe 9
8 The Grip Weeds You're So Good To Me
9 Johnathan Pushkar Does What She Does
10 Velvet Starlings Technicolor Shakedown
11 The Peppermint Kicks Hey Fanzine!
12 Hayley and the Crushers Neurotica/Cul De Sac
13 Ravagers Down That Road
14 Orbis Max & Martin Holt You Sold Tomorrow
15 The Floor Models 5D (Fifth Dimension)
16 Soda Blonde In The Heat Of The Night
17 Dusty Leigh Take A Ride With Me
18 Rinehearts One Thing One Time
19 Soda Cracker Jesus Drug My Soul
20 Yard Of Blondes Hummingbird
21 Hot Mulligan Featuring Mark Hoppus
22 The Aerovons Stopped!
23 Amazin' Five A5 Jam
24 On The Runway Lifeline
25 Mo Dalis Music Mustangs, Fireball, Sex, And Old Spice
26 The Great Leslie Band That's Alright
27 JaneMusic Hopes
28 Lucas Parax On Se Foulera Plus Tard
29 People of Maha The Silence
30 Slant Six Falling Off
31 Toolman Mr. Amazon Prime
32 Crimson Peak Closer
33 Wet Leg Chaise Lounge
34 The Equals Baby Come Back
35 Lyrical Mafia Pulling Me Back
36 Baywud Bombs Away
37 Favorats Surfer Girl
38 Longcoats Get Dancing
39 Snatch Realmusic
40 The Lodger Dual Lives
41 Sonic Bits Wake Up
42 Weller Shards
43 John Salaway One More Round
44 Jodie Poye Don’t Leave Me Tonight
45 Euphoria Station Content
46 Cool Million ft Fraser Next Level
48 The Shang Hi Los Stay
49 Symfinity Superunnatural
50 Bristol Stingrays Peach Boy Lover
51 The Routes Mongolian Chop
52 The New Mastersounds A Brighter Day (With Josh Hoyer)
53 The Brave Iv'e Always Wondered
54 Keeley The Glitter & The Glue
55 Pamela Hopkins Givin’ a Damn
56 Ghosts Of Sunset No Saints In The City
57 Watts Heavy Metal Kids
58 Eric Dolphy Sketches Of Melba
59 Southern Culture on the Skids Sugar Town
60 Caddy (TOMAS DAHL) Cost Of Love
61 Mackenzie Lee Loves In Drought
62 Mask Glamourpuss
63 The Anderson Council I’d Love Just Once To See You
64 The Chelsea Curve A Better Way
65 Shihori Fire
66 Soursob Blow
67 Los Chicos I Don't Wanna Learn
68 Cold Expectations Summer Dress
69 Dannii Scott In This Town
70 Luke Purdie Runaway
71 Ron D Bowes Queen Of The Living Dead
72 Real Sickies Love Is For Losers
73 Guy Paul Thibault I Don’t Wanna Hurt
74 Jim Chesnut What Got in the Way?
75 Kate Nash Misery