Radio Indie Alliance Top 75 Songs – Week: April 3, 2023

1 Kate Redgate Fools, Drunks and Liars
2 Elspeth Tremblay & The Treatment Backseat
3 Josie Cotton Disco Ball
4 Huck 2 Neighbor
5 Cold Expectations Trench Coats
6 Leather Catsuit Piece Of The Pie
7 Slamdinistas There You Go Again
8 Eddie Japan feat Greg Hawkes Time Machine
9 Christopher Peifer Wide Reciever
10 Star Collector Attack, Sustain, Decay
11 Tatsuya OE Mobius
12 Ian Hunter Bed of Roses
13 Matweeds Stay
14 Popsicko No Better Time
15 Pacific Coast Band Run River Run
16 Twilight Muse Dreamspace
17 Richie Ramone Live to Tell
18 JETT SETT Blue Jeans
19 Little Billy Lost Wash Your Sins Away
20 The Hold Steady Sixers
21 Third Lung Dance Me Lover
22 The Tearaways Saturday Everyday
23 Death Cab For Cutie Pepper
24 Holy Smoke Bye Bye Love
25 Macc Tiger Tire
26 First Base Dumber By The Day
27 Grande Royale Status Doom
28 Papa Satch Got Me Thinkin’
29 Alex Blum & The Roadside Quartet Down Deep
30 Rainbow Bridge Black Monday
31 Lina Saint07 Choco-Bon
32 Push Puppets Lightning In A Dress
33 The Foreign Films Perfect Future
34 Gallaher’s Green Dare To Dream
35 The Church C’est La Vie
36 Usual Affairs Elementary to Penitentiary
37 Silke Berlinn Fantasy
38 Dawn Rix Worlds Collide
39 Key Of Caustic Where Did It Go
40 D-Tension Charlie
41 Johnathan Pushkar Let's Get Small
42 Bobcat The Mighty Atom
43 Sleep In Motion All That You Are
44 August Gonzalez Trippin'
45 The Julia Set Sunday
46 Superhighwayman Animal Kingdom
48 DoTrash Color Spectrum
49 Metric False Dichotomy
50 Finn’s Motel Don’t Read it
51 Aarythmers Leave Me Alone
52 Sumpfpaepste Never
53 Sam Shields Start Over
54 Sunshine Riot So It Comes
55 Cassidy- Rae Next Chapter
56 Aaron Michaels Faith Over Fear
57 The Dollyrots Hey Girl
58 Suburban Urchins Zed Girl
59 Angela Tini Don’t Tease Me
60 Malibu Lou & The Attackers Teenage Kicks
61 The Rocketz I'll See You Again Some Day
62 The Gulps Surrender
63 Answerman Black Heart
64 Drew Davies The Comeback
65 Break Out The Crazy Higher
66 Middle Class Fashion North Star
67 Hotel Mira Fever Pitch
68 Cory M Coons Trail Of The Chosen One
69 Len Price 3 Break Your Neck
70 Sami Cooke Home
71 Alex Hopkins Fairytales Of Emotions
72 High Gain Pity Party No Way Out feat. Venturis
73 Wooden Giraffes Back Here Again
74 Guitar Wolf Jet Generation
75 Elmo Weber GROOVE MAMA

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