1The TearwaysIn Dublin/Brand New Irish Lullaby
2honeychainMessy Love
3Dalton CyrInvisible
5Kenny Holliday Spaceman
6The Many Colored DeathBeating Heart
7Hooked Like Helen Get Well
8End My Sorrow Wither Away
9Vonny & Clyde, HSR, Terri B Feel So Real
10AngelMaker & A Night In Texas The Rotten King
11Lisa Coppola Save Us
12Bob Rylett Haunted By A Ghost
13Pauly Fagan Dream Your Tears Away
14Billy Bibby & The Wry Smiles Substitute
15The Motel Pines Circadianism
16Mick Evans And Rekeka RainHeatwave
17Brielle Von Hugel Naked
18Young Presidents Stuck On You
19Lauren Adams Somewhere Else
20Bounty Hunters Itchycoo Park
21Katana Bloom All Bumper Cars
22The Weeklings Little Elvis
23Angie & The Deserters Stay/17 Days
24Beat The System Hero
25Allan Frank Lift Me Up