1Blue Fruit Snacks The Pirate Song
2Spo BroTorn/Strange Things
3The TearawaysValerie
4Jeff Gutman Arrive
5Brave The Spirit Hey Kid
6Young Presidents Stuck On You
7Lauren Adams It Takes What It Takes
8Brielle Von HugelNaked
9Nachtterror Restless Dreams
10Spiritual MachinesThe Race Is Still Alive
11Blue Helix Aliens
12Angie & The Deserters17 Days
13Riannti Miss You
14Vespa Kill Summertime
15Valhalla Lights Beautiful
16The Two TensKeeping Hope Alive
17The Lemon TwigsI Wanna Prove to you
18Jonathan CavierCome A Moment
19Real Floor Models Sittin’ Tight
21Life Take Another Chance
22Mixed CompanyDivided
23Berwanger Exorcism Rock
24Sonar Lights Wake Up
25LivingmoreCounting Sheep