1Angie & The Deserters17 Days
2The TearawaysValerie
3Lauren Adams It Takes What It Takes
4Spo BroTorn
5LackLoves Do You Love Someone?
6Will Ludford Warriors of the Night
7David Lessing Father Forgive Me
8The Two TensKeeping Hope Alive
9Riannti Miss You
10EmikoSimple Love
11Empyre Drive
12Netheriel Regnum Inferni
13Hemi Devils Hellride
14Young Presidents Stuck On You
15Gallery-81 Unfair
16Steel Mirrors The Fallen God
17Blue Helix Bullets
18Pauly Fagan Dream Your Tears Away
19Ellen Xylander Unbeatable
20Wills & The Willing Butterflies
21The Counteracts And I Lost it All
22Billy Bibby & The Wry SmilesRainbowSubstitute
23Jenny Vinatieri Rainbow
24Fluffer Fight All Night
25Jak Jones Tell Me When You’re Gone