1LEMMOOutta Line
2The TearawaysThat's Rock
3honeychain Messy Love
4Tiffany Gow The One
5Terry Lee Bolton Jumping Jack Flash
6The Empty Hearts90 Miles an Hour Down a Deadend Street
7The Young PresidentsBreak Away/Ordinary
8Madison RisingWhere Are You Now
9From The Arc I Swear
10LivingmoreDead fruit
11Allan Frank Deep in the Everglades
12Lantern Black Miasma
13Will Mendenhall I Saw Your Face
14Jeff Crosby Out in the Country
15The Caballeros I Got the Blues
16The Last Kings She Said
17Moon Loves Honey Tell Me More of Your Lies
18Mouthful of Snow My Child
19Cosmo TopperGreen T-Party
20Rebeka Rain I’m Waiting
21Huma Vertigo
22AMbassadors of Morning Dance With Destiny
23Network Shades
24A Breach Of Silence Falling Away
25Angie & The DesertersStay